Google Search Bug: Not Indexing

Google Search Bug: Not Indexing or Serving New Content Again

In a surprising turn of events, Google Search has encountered yet another bug affecting its indexing system. This issue has led to significant delays in the indexing and serving of new content, leaving many webmasters and content creators in a state of limbo. This isn’t the first time Google has faced such challenges, but the recurrence raises concerns about the stability of its indexing processes.

The Core of the Issue

On June 20, 2024, reports began surfacing that new content from various websites, including major news outlets like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and CNN, was not being indexed by Google. This delay in indexing means that fresh content was not appearing in search results, severely impacting traffic and visibility for many sites​ 

Google’s Response

Google acknowledged the problem on their Search Status Dashboard and through their Search Liaison’s updates on social media. They confirmed that there was indeed an issue affecting the indexing of new content and assured users that they were working on a fix. By June 21, 2024, Google claimed to have resolved the issue, although some sites might still experience delayed indexing as previously affected URLs are reprocessed​

Impact on Publishers

The bug has had widespread effects. Large publishers, as well as smaller niche sites, reported significant drops in the indexing of new articles. For instance, searches conducted on Google for content published in the past hour from sites like the Wall Street Journal and CNBC returned minimal results, indicating that the issue was not isolated but rather widespread​

Steps to Mitigate the Impact

While Google works on stabilizing its indexing system, there are several steps webmasters can take to mitigate the impact:

  1. Manual Indexing: Use Google Search Console to manually submit new URLs for indexing. This can help expedite the process for critical content.
  2. Monitor Performance: Keep a close eye on Google Analytics and Search Console for any unusual drops in traffic or indexing issues.
  3. Diversify Traffic Sources: Relying solely on Google can be risky. Promote your content through social media, email newsletters, and other platforms to maintain a steady flow of traffic.
  4. Stay Updated: Follow updates from Google Search Central and SEO news sources to stay informed about the status of the bug and any further developments