Google Search Console Working to Resolve Performance Delays

Google has acknowledged and is addressing significant delays and latency issues affecting the Google Search Console Performance reports. Users have reported delays extending over 60 hours, impacting their ability to access up-to-date performance data.

Key Points:

  1. Issue Identification:
    • Google confirmed that the delays are due to processing issues within the Search Console. These delays do not affect crawling, indexing, or the actual ranking of websites but only the reporting of performance metrics​
  2. User Impact:
    • Many users, including those who shared their experiences on social media, noticed significant lags in the availability of their performance data. Google has historically faced similar issues, but these are typically resolved once identified​
  3. Google’s Response:
    • John Mueller from Google addressed these concerns on social platforms, assuring users that the delays are temporary and the team is working to rectify them. Google Search Central also communicated via their official Twitter account to keep users updated on the progress
  4. Ongoing Efforts:
    • While the delays are inconvenient, Google emphasized that they are not indicative of any core update or changes in user behavior. The company is focused on restoring normal reporting functions as quickly as possible​