Google Search Console's New Property

Google Search Console's New Property

Google Search Console’s New Property Token Management System

Google Search Console has recently enhanced its security features with a new property token management system. This update is crucial for website owners and SEO professionals as it significantly bolsters the security measures for managing access and permissions.

  1. Overview of the New Security Features:

    • The recent updates to Google Search Console include a streamlined process for managing property tokens. These tokens are crucial for verifying ownership and managing user permissions within the platform. The new features allow for more precise control over who can access certain data and tools, reducing the risk of unauthorized access​
  2. Enhanced Token Management Capabilities:

    • Users can now remove unused ownership tokens easily, which is vital for preventing former site owners or collaborators from regaining access. This is particularly important when ownership changes, as outdated tokens can pose significant security risks​
  3. Steps to Manage and Remove Tokens:

    • Google Search Console has introduced a straightforward process for token management:
      • Navigate to the ‘Users and permissions’ section.
      • Access the ‘Unused ownership tokens’ area.
      • Select and verify the removal of any outdated or unused tokens.
    • This procedure ensures that tokens no longer relevant are permanently removed, safeguarding your site’s security​
  4. Implications for Website Security:

    • These enhancements are not just about keeping unauthorized users out; they also streamline the transition of ownership and permissions without compromising security. For businesses in regulated industries, these updates help in maintaining compliance with data security standards and audits​(Official Google Webmaster Central Blog)​.


Google’s introduction of an improved property token management system in Search Console is a significant step forward in web security. By allowing website owners to easily manage and remove access tokens, Google helps secure critical assets against unauthorized access and potential breaches. This update is a crucial development for anyone relying on Google Search Console to monitor and optimize their website’s performance.